Eric Goll

Chemistry Department
STEM Institute

Faculty member since: 1999

Courses Taught

Principles of Chemistry

General Chemistry I & II


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Lafayette College

Master of Science in Chemistry, The Pennsylvania State University

Contact Information

Office: Main Academic South (MAS)

Phone: 732-224-2404


What brought you to Brookdale?
I was at grad school and didn’t like the research aspect, but the highlight of my week was teaching two labs, which was my first experience with teaching. My parents saw an ad for a learning assistant position at Brookdale and the description matched everything I was doing in the labs I was teaching at Penn State. I applied for the job and someone called me before I even got home to try to entice me to accept a job offer. A year and a half later a chemistry professor retired, a faculty position opened, I applied for that position, I was offered the position, and I moved into the faculty ranks.

Describe one or more of your biggest achievements as a Brookdale faculty member:
I created the first two totally online science courses at Brookdale, which allowed students to finally get their degree fully online. I was also honored with the annual Outstanding Colleague Award and with Brookdale’s most prestigious honor, the Barringer Award.

Do you work outside of the college?
I do not work outside of the college, but I was recently honored with a “Salutes to Excellence” award from the Northern NJ Section of the American Chemical Society for the department’s work with our annual events: the Chemistry Carnival and the High School Chemistry Olympiad.

What would you say is your most memorable moment – or moments – as a member of the Brookdale community? 
We have run the Chemistry Carnival, a community service event, annually for about a decade. Attendance became sparser and sparser and only about 50 people came to the event in 2014. I revamped the advertising, reaching out personally to all superintendents and principals in Monmouth County to tell them about the event. In 2015 and 2016, nearly 700 people came. There were so many people that the line stretched out the door and around the hallway.

What do you think separates Brookdale from other colleges?
Brookdale has a real campus feel, so that students who are not going to a four-year school still get the experience of having to find their classrooms in multiple buildings, see different parts of the campus, meet people of all majors, etc. The Student Life activities also give Brookdale the feel of a four-year school, and we typically have small class sizes so that we can get to know the students by name and not just as a number.

Would you recommend that students take a class in your department?
Students have told me that the Brookdale chemistry program was more rigorous than it was at four-year schools, but that they learned the information and could interact with the professor, rather than sitting in a lecture hall with 300 people. For those reasons, I would definitely recommend future students take a class in the chemistry department.