Brookdale offers the following degrees and certificates in Electronics Technology; click on any degree to read more in our online catalog.

Electronics Technology Program, Electronic/Computer Technician Option, A.A.S.

Computers and electronics have found their way into businesses and homes throughout the world. This option provides the student with the skills required to troubleshoot and repair a wide variety of computer systems and digital electronic equipment. The student learns how peripherals and computers communicate with each other. The proliferation of computer systems has created a demand for highly qualified individuals to install and maintain computer systems, peripherals, and networks.

Electronics Technology Program, Electronics Engineering Technology Option, A.A.S.

This option is designed for transfer to colleges or universities offering a Bachelor of Science in Technology or a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology degree, or for immediate employment in the electronics industry. Students should work with the transfer institution, their counselors, and the Electronics Technology faculty to insure correct course choices.

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