Olga Malpica Proctor

Olga Malpica Proctor

Associate Professor
Mathematics Department
STEM Institute

Faculty member since: 1997

Courses Taught

Introductory Algebra and Algebra Skills

Intermediate Algebra




Bachelor of Arts, Instituto Pedagogico de Caracas, Venezuela

Master of Arts in Mathematics, University of Arizona

Contact Information

Office: Main Academic South (MAS)

Phone: 732-224-2683


What brought you to Brookdale?
I come from a family with a long tradition of work in education. After working in the corporate world as a computer analyst and designer I was missing the human contact and interaction. I was not very familiar with the concept of a community college, but once I learned about Brookdale’s institutional mission I was really excited about the prospect of being able to make a difference in the life a diverse group of people.

Describe one or more of your biggest achievements as a Brookdale faculty member:
I know that my work has had a positive effect on a good number of students’ lives. I am also very proud of my work supporting the adjunct faculty in the Math Department.

What would you say is your most memorable moment – or moments – as a member of the Brookdale community?

Graduation time is always filled with memorable moments. It is so exciting to see students empowered by the results of their hard work. Last year I had the opportunity to walk with one of our vision-impaired students to receive her diploma. It was a truly memorable moment for me.

What do you think separates Brookdale from other colleges?
Brookdale is really a special place, a community college that started out of the efforts of local people who wanted a county college that could serve the community. That spirit of dedication still moves the very caring faculty at Brookdale today. The Brookdale faculty’s commitment to excellence and student success has been pivotal in the evolution of Brookdale as a community college.

Would you recommend that students take a class in your department?
Brookdale is a great place to take a math course after high school. The Math Department at Brookdale offers a variety of college-level math courses as well as courses that help students to develop the math skills needed for college-level courses. Students have access to the Math Lab, where they can get help from tutors and find a place to do they homework by themselves or in a group. I really recommend that students come and visit us, check out our classes and ask questions.