Updated April 4th 2019 by Ana Teodorescu

There will be a tie-breaker event on Tuesday April 9th, at 12:00 noon in MAS 001. Please reach out to Ana Teodorescu if you cannot make it!

Our Limit DNE
1. Andrew Catalano
2. Jessica Salazar
3. Jenna Horowitz
4. Aileen Ryan
5. Pavel Pervisnik
6. Amro Dewedar

The One and Oly
1. Michelle Silverman
2. Michael Lind
3. Joshua Goldfarb
4. Esai Oquendo
5. Adam Fariello
6. Aiden O’Hara

Faith +1
1. Jenna Botti
2. Khine Duffy
3. Seamus Wood
4. Rachel Murray
5. Matt Czopik
6. Joshua Huertassalazar

Linear RegretSions
1. Gergana Vatahova
2. Joshua Makowski
3. Victoria Lees
4. Anthony Diamante
5. cj chemaly
6. Fatima Hashimi

1. Yara Davila
2. Sonal Mahdok
3. Philip Sanfilippo
4. Fernanda Castro
5. Austin Smith
6. Rohan Patel

Miss Calculation
1. Breanna Cheung
2. Dorothy Wu
3. Grace Eng
4. Hira Khan
5. Gavin O’Hanlon
6. David Kayal

The Positive Charges
1. Jacob Solano
2. Benson Michel
3. Bryan Erazo
4. Tom Markos
5. Meghan Smith
6. Chris Eng

Team Ate (1st place!)
1. Ian Sexsmith
2. Sarah Justus
3. Adrian Velez
4. Michelle Polyanskiy
5. Daniel Benoit
6. Nicholas Carroll

Maxwell’s Demons (2nd place!)
1. Damoni Barnes
2. Kimberly Feldman
3. Maggie Gibson
4. Sebby Freeman
5. Brandt Zigler
6. Neel Deshponde

You Know Nothing
1. Sang Nguyen
2. Maya Kelly Ghosh
3. Brad Perna
4. Claude Lund
5. Joelle Rivera
6. Tom Nicolich

Halve Mercy
1. Sean Trinh
2. Jon Kun
3. Dan Gil
4. Dan Fonrose
5. Joe Peleo
6. Zachary Bartram

The Functional Group
1. Christina Trezza
2. Madison Hoskins
3. Sasha Anronikov
4. Mufasa Sheikh
5. Steve Santamaria Herreros
6. Christopher Patti

Please pick up a shirt by my desk, in the Math faculty area (MAS 201), across from the MathLab. If you enter the area and look to your left, you will see the shirts.

On April 2nd, please arrive in Navesink I,II,III between 11:30 and 11:45 to make sure you get food. If you have not arrived by 11:45 and your teammates have not heard from you, your spot on the team will be given away. We will begin at 12:00 promptly. We will end the contest portion at 1:00pm unless we need to ask tie-breaker questions.

All contestants must be current Brookdale students. First, second and third place teams, please stay for pictures and prizes.

Please email ateodorescu@brookdalecc.edu , subject “STEM BOWL” with any changes.