Students delivered presentations on their research and findings at the 7th Annual Student Achievement Showcase on April 16.

“The students were very excited to share their work,” said Debbie DeBlasio, professor in the languages department and chair of the English as a Second Language (ESL) and languages department. This is the third year DeBlasio organized the Student Achievement Showcase. “You can tell they prepared a lot for this event and they are proud of their work,” she said.

The research topics examined climate change and coastal resiliency among other topics, while groups and organizations such as Phi Theta Kappa and Women in Learning and Leadership also delivered presentations.

“I’ve been a personal trainer and health coach for a long time, and I’ve seen friends and family members diagnosed with heart disease and diabetes,” said Brookdale student Candace Vengersky.  “My curiosity launched me into discovering why this is such an epidemic, and it led me to present about the health hazards of factory farming.”

Vengersky provided an overview on “Climate Change, Deforestation, and Health Hazards: The Consequences of Factory Farming” with fellow BIOL 105 students Alan Bubello, Beth Keenan and Kyle Rodney. They discussed the different impacts and consequences of factory farming.

“I’ve always loved poetry because you see something on the surface level and as you go deeper, you find more and more symbols and meaning,” said Noel Dempsey who presented about Emily Dickinson. The paper she wrote for her ENGL 215 class, “Defining Emily Dickinson,” won Honorable Mention for the 2019 Bankier Library Research Award. Dempsey is currently studying history at Rutgers University.

“Plastic is found in the oceans as far as 11 kilometers deep, meaning synthetic fibers have contaminated even the most remote places on Earth,” said Brookdale student Andrew Worthington. He was part of the group presentation “Our World to a World of Plastic.” Brookdale students Brianna Quezada and Melissa Rongo were part of the team presenters.

NASA Stem Fellows Zyanya Flores and Robert Mennella also presented their research findings. Flores’s topic, “Impact of Salt on Maritime Forest Seedling Germinations”, examined the impact of rising sea levels on plant life and shoreline communities. Mennella’s presentation “Engineered Shorelines and their Role in Coastal Resiliency,” focused on improving the ecosystem through concrete structures mixed with oyster shells. The “living shoreline” structures function as an artificial reef. They benefit coastline communities by absorbing energy from waves, potentially lessening the effect of erosion.

Other topics included: “We the Women” presented by Sofia Bianchi, Jade Glab, Niamh Howlett, Deardra Moore, Isabelle Porpora and Danielle Veliz; “Brookdale Study Abroad” presented by Karina Lehman, Elizabeth Rowe and Ryan Gunther; “WILL: Women in Learning and Leadership” presented by Rin Howell, Samantha Fitzgerald, Kayla Breaud and Kayla Morrissey; “A Culture of Violence” presented by Maria Monzon, Jose Veliz, and Hudson Weiman; and “The Reaches of Phi Theta Kappa” presented by Tori Augello, Lauren Dienhardt, Veronique Manfredini, Erica Mittenzwei, Erica Rosenthal and Jonathan Scott.


Photo Captions:

Members of Phi Theta Kappa with Angela Saragus, honor society advisor and associate professor in the English department, presented about the accomplishments of Brookdale’s Phi Theta Kappa members.

Brookdale graduate and Rutgers University student Noel Dempsey presenting “Defining Emily Dickinson” which won Honorable Mention for the 2019 Bankier Library Research Awards.

Brookdale NASA Fellow Zyanya Flores; Dr. Gitanjali Kundu, assistant professor in the biology department; and Brookdale NASA Fellow Robert Mennella.