FYE Event Calendar


Student Engagement produces a calendar poster showing upcoming First Year Experience (FYE) Events. The posters will be hung around various locations at the college, emailed to class instructors for courses integrating FYE into the curriculum, and made available online here:


The staff at our regional locations have been hard at work to make sure there are opportunities for involvement at our neighborhood centers and the Freehold Campus. If you encounter problems completing a passport as a student at a regional location, please speak with your instructor and submit an email explaining the situation to us at

We know students are involved off campus as well, but only Brookdale events count for the FYE Passport –¬†we want you to make connections¬†at the College!

Brookdale faculty, staff, and administrators

College departments, to include events on this calendar, or to request a printed copy of the poster, please contact us at