Academic Advising and Counseling

Whether you are a new Brookdale incoming student or a returning one, you will notice several important changes in our academic advising and counseling services. We made these changes to serve your advising and counseling needs more efficiently, and to make your college experience the best that it can possibly be, because your success is our most important goal. Please see the information below for a complete explanation of the changes.

Academic Advising

In the past, students could see either Academic Advisors or Counselors for approval to take classes each semester. Now, Academic Advisors are the professionals who help you select the courses that meet your educational goals. In addition, Academic Advisors can approve an entire degree program leading to graduation and transfer from Brookdale. They can also show you how to register online for future semesters so you don’t need to obtain approval each time.

Academic Advising is no longer by appointment, but is now a walk-in service, thereby eliminating the time previously needed to wait for an appointment when, at times, only a routine course or program adjustment is needed. However, please be aware that wait times for advising typically get longer as we get closer to September.


car_spring_1000x380Counselors are the college faculty who can help you with your adjustment to college and personal development needs. Counselors focus on supporting your college success by helping you set personal goals and select the best major and career to accomplish those goals. In addition, the Counselors can help you with personal difficulties that you might be experiencing inside or outside of school, such as relationship problems, substance use issues, family difficulties, and personal crises.
Counseling services, unlike advising services, can involve all your educational planning and college success needs and are now only by appointment.

Location and Service Information

Academic Advising and Counseling services are both located on the second floor of the CAR building. Our hours for both services are Monday to Thursday: 9AM – 6:30PM, Friday 9AM – 4:30PM, and Saturday: 9 – 11:30AM.

During the hours listed above, our Student Services Associates are available to direct you to an Advisor for walk-in advising services and will make an appointment for you to see a Counselor by contacting them in person or by calling 732-224-2555.