Virtual New Club Application for Official Recognition

Complete this form to propose the formation of a new student club/organization at Brookdale Community College recognized by Student Life & Activities. To be considered for recognition, new clubs must be found to be: unique in nature, fiscally responsible, & in alignment with the College's mission. After submission and verification by Student Life & Activities, new club applications will be forwarded to the Student Life Board for official review and vote for approval.
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    This section should list the student-members who make-up the proposed new club's executive board. There are a variety of configurations for an executive board, however, the usual organization is: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Student-members who serve in these leadership positions must be currently enrolled for a minimum of six college credits (active, not audit status) and must have an acceptable ratio of credits attempted to credits earned (as defined by the college catalog). Use the "+" to list additional executive members.
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    Members should be currently enrolled in college-credit course(s) at Brookdale Community College to obtain full-student membership. All clubs are required to have at least 10 members (inclusive of executive and general members) to be considered for recognition. Student information submitted in this application is subject to verification by Student Activities. Use "+" to list multiple members.
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    Club Advisor must be a regular employee of the College. The duties of the faculty/staff advisor will be as defined in Club 101 - Advisor Roles on the Club Resources webpage. The advisor must participate in all activities of the organization. Advisor’s roles begin July 1, and conclude June 30, of the following year. Advisors will be contacted after the submission of this form by Student Life & Activities for verification. Use "+" to list multiple Club Advisors.
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      Please upload a copy of the proposed new club/organization constitution and the date it was adopted by the membership. Uploaded constitutions must adhere to the Club/Organization Guidelines for Writing a Constitution as found on the Online Club Forms webpage. If the proposed group is an affiliate, chapter, or college student chapter of a local, state, national, and/or international organization, please include a copy of the parent constitution, by-laws, and other documents that govern affiliates, local or college chapters. Please be sure that the copy of the adopted constitution contains any and all mandatory sections/statements required by the ASBCC.
    • Statement of Understanding

      The Statement of Understanding affirms your proposed new club leadership’s intention to follow the guidelines of the College and the Office of Student Life & Activities. College policies and regulations are discussed during monthly club meetings. If you ever have a question please feel free to contact the Office of Student Life & Activities. By submitting this form, the primary executive officers of the proposed new club, on behalf of the proposed new organization and with its authority upon approval, affirm that it is in compliance, and will continue to comply will all College regulations, policies and procedures as well as local, state and federal laws. Proposed new club Executive officers will attend, or assign a designee in their absence, to attend all monthly virtual Club Leaders meetings. In addition, the proposed new club executive officers take responsibility for ensuring payment of all organization bills and debts. By signing below, the proposed new club Executive Officers of the proposed new organization accept responsibility for the organization’s account, following all guidelines, as stipulated by the policies and procedures developed by the Student Life Board and the Student Life & Activities Office upon approval. Proposed new club Executive Officers will abide by all college, state and federal laws and regulations regarding the use of college collected fees.
    • By submitting this form, you agree to the above Statement of Understanding and verify that all included student information is factual. Please note: the proposed new club is not recognized as approved/official until you are notified of your status by the Student Life Board.