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The stereotype “starving student” is a very real issue. “A Growing Hunger” (Jan. 2017, focuses on this problem, which is particularly acute at community colleges across the country. A recent Inside Higher Ed report found that as many as 1 in 4 students may not have enough to eat, impacting their ability to succeed in class.

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Helping Hands is here to provide basic grab-and-go items to our students. We are collecting non-perishable items for distribution around campus. With the assistance of the Brookdale Community College Opportunity Grant Program (CCOG) funding the program will be expanding to include more basic necessities. We are looking for the following items:

Granola bars   •   Power bars   •   Cereal bars   •   Pop Tarts   •   Trail mix
Packaged nuts   •   Fruit snacks   •   Bottled water   •   Juice boxes
Cheese/Peanut butter cracker packs

Please drop off items at: LAH 232 (ESL/Language Dept.), SLC 101 (Student Life Office) or MAC 109. We can pick up your items if you can’t get to us.

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