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The stereotype “starving student” is a very real issue. “A Growing Hunger” (Jan. 2017, focuses on this problem, which is particularly acute at community colleges across the country. A recent Inside Higher Ed report found that as many as 1 in 4 students may not have enough to eat, impacting their ability to succeed in class.

STUDENTS: Are you interested in signing up for Helping Hands? Go HERE and fill out a quick form to give us your email so we can let you know when and where food is available.

Helping Hands is here to provide basic grab-and-go items to our students. We are collecting non-perishable items for distribution around campus. The pilot program is beginning NOW! We are looking for the following items:

Granola bars   •   Power bars   •   Cereal bars   •   Pop Tarts   •   Trail mix
Packaged nuts   •   Fruit snacks   •   Bottled water   •   Juice boxes
Cheese/Peanut butter cracker packs

Please drop off items at: LAH 232 (ESL/Language Dept.), SLC 101 (Student Life Office) or MAC 109. We can pick up your items if you can’t get to us.

Questions? Contact