Click the thumbnail above to play a video about the Sandbox.

The Sandbox is a safe space for faculty experimentation and exploration of educational technology tools.  Faculty use of the Sandbox should lead to the discovery of using various instructional technologies and tools with a clear understanding on how these tools can be embedded into real life teaching and learning.

Come visit the Sandbox in MAN 121 and take a look at classroom hardware innovations designed to enhance student success.

The Sandbox is staffed by the Teaching and Learning Center 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Here is an overview of the available equipment:

Epson Multi Input Control Panel

The Epson multi input control panel is the interface box that controls all audio/video switching and distribution for the display on the touch panel white board.  Faculty members select the input by pressing the appropriate button.  Audio and video follow the selection.  All room controls are nested into this device.

Epson Short Throw Projector and Smart Touch White Board

The Sandbox is equipped with an Epson Short throw projector, powered 2 way speakers, and Smart Touch white board.  Images displayed on the board can be controlled using the Epson Smart Pens or by your finger.  The board can also be used for annotation and manipulation.  This system runs from a Windows 10 PC and is interfaced with the computer’s hardware and software packages.

Smart Document Camera

The Smart Document camera is a hybrid appliance, which allows you to capture still images, audio, and video.  The Smart Document Camera is wired directly into the Epson control panel and is used to demonstrate objects in real time.   Images and video can be captured on high speed SD memory cards, which can be attached to a PC or MAC with a card reader. Recorded media can then be downloaded and distributed to students.

Wireless Appliances and Devices

The Sandbox is also home to an iPad Pro, a Microsoft Surface, and a Google Chromebook.  All three devices attach to the wireless network and offer the user a variety of ways to produce, share, and distribute media to the classroom.

iMac and Windows 10 Computers

The Sandbox also has an iMac and Windows 10 PC which can be used to create, share, and distribute digital content.  The iMac is connected to the Lulzbot Mini 3D printer. Both computers share a wireless printer.

Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer

The Sandbox has a small scale 3D printer which can print open source files. The printer creates models up to 6” x 6” x 6” using PLA or ABS materials.  The Innovation Center staff will help you to locate virtual models and will create the prints for you.

Apple TV 4

Are you interested in web streaming?   If so, the Sandbox has an Apple TV 4 that is waiting for you to use with your existing Apple ID.   Driven by apps, the Apple TV 4 delivers live TV, movies, music, games, and entertainment straight to the projector.