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Setting Up the Navigation Bar

Creating a Home Page

Creating a Module

Creating a Content Page

Adding a File to a Module

Module Layout

Publish Your Course


Student View

Read SpeakerDashboard Overview


Set a Profile Picture

Add Contact Method


Course Specific Dashboard SettingsAdd Files to File Manager

Add Files to Modules

Upload Zip Files to Canvas

Add Files to Pages

Add Images to Pages

Import a Complete Course

Import Select ContentAdding Videos from the Brookdale Library

Adding Videos from Your ComputerPrepare an Online Submission Assignment

Assignment Groups

Assignment Group Weights

Add Assignments to Modules

Grade Assignments

Creating an Assignment for No Submission


Turnitin-Canvas IntegrationCreate a Discussion

Create Student Groups

Group Discussions

Add Discussions to Modules

Filter Discussions

Pin a Discussion

Grade Discussions

Viewing Discussion Participation StatisticsGetting Started With Quizzes

Create Multiple-Choice Questions

Create True/False Questions

Create Fill In The Blank Questions

Create Essay Questions

Preview And Publish Quizzes

Moderate Quizzes and Grade Essay Questions

Granting Extra Quiz Time To Students with Accommodation Alerts

Add Passwords to Quizzes Using Lockdown Browser

Implementing Respondus Monitor: Test Security

Reviewing Respondus Monitor Exams

Creating Question Banks for Reusable Questions

Randomizing Exams with Question Groups

Link Question Banks to Question GroupsPrerequisites and Date Locks

View/Edit the Roster

Group Assignments

Attendance Report


Set Gradebook to Display Points

Extra Credit

Drop Lowest Scores