We are currently going through a pilot with about 15 faculty from the various Institutes to test out the CRM Advise as a potential student monitoring solution.  The pilot is running through the Spring 2023 semester.

The platform where student monitoring is currently done has been deprecated, and is no longer supported.  For this reason, student monitoring will have to move to another platform.  The purpose of the pilot is to see if the CRM Advise would be a viable solution.

Monitoring through the CRM Advise is only for the M2-M4.  It does not include M1, attendance/census data, or final grading.  M1 monitoring and Final Grading is done through the census tab in self-service roster.

Advantages of monitoring through CRM Advise include:

For more information on the student monitoring pilot and the capabilities of the CRM Advise, please watch this presentation.

For a short ‘how-to’ tutorial on how student monitoring through the CRM Advise works, please watch this 90 second video.