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Online Courses

The Teaching & Learning Center manages online courses at Brookdale.  We also manage Canvas, the learning management system through which you will access your online courses.  We support all online students, so technology will not be a barrier to your learning.  You can contact us at the above email and phone number.

Why Online?

The classes come to you! Online courses offered at Brookdale bring college right into your home by delivering credit courses across multiple devices from any location with a broadband Internet connection. Don’t let work schedules, military commitments, childcare, transportation problems, or mobility constraints get in the way of your college education!

Online courses are designed for active learners with good reading, writing and time management skills and provide the same course content as traditional face-to-face courses.

You will be using Canvas, a learning management system, to download course materials, communicate with your professors and classmates, and get the academic support you need.

To view a recording of a previous online student orientation, click here.

Online Delivery Options

Most Winterim/Spring 2021 courses will be delivered online.  There will, however, be some courses with in person attendance on campus.

When searching for classes, the location of a section will designate the delivery option for that particular section.

  • Sections designated as “Distance Education” do not have a specific day/time meeting requirement.
  • Sections designated as “Online -Remote Live Classes” will include specific days and times you will be expected to log in and meet with your class online.
  • Sections designated as “Online – Remote Hybrid” will include a mix of specific log in times (based on the day and time noted in your search results) in which you will meet with your class, and independent or smaller group work. Your instructor will provide you further information on the first day of classes, and specific guidance regarding the meeting and learning plan for your course each week.
Fully Online Degrees

Do you want to earn your degree, but you can’t find time to come to campus? Brookdale offers some of our most popular degrees fully online!

New! Cybersecurity Academic Credit Certificate of Achievement

Want to learn more about how to succeed with online courses, and how to design a degree plan that works for you? CONTACT US for more information.



Search for Online Courses

To search for online courses for the upcoming term, please follow these steps:

1. Go to the Brookdale home page:

2. Scroll and click on the red “Search & Register For Classes” button.

3. You can set the location field to “Distance Education” to only see fully online sections.

Online ESL Program

For information on the online ESL program click HERE.  For information on available online ESL courses click HERE.

Data Privacy and Regulations

Student record protection is governed by the following laws and regulations:


6.1504R Release of Academic and Demographic Data About Students

Additional fees for online courses are governed by Regulation 4.1005R Annual Review of Lab Fees