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Fall 2020 Virtual Office Hours with Enrico DeRooy

Every Other Tuesday, 9am to 4pm

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Attend a Fall 2020 Virtual Office Hour meeting to learn more about our partnership with Stockton University.

Brookdale and Stockton University have partnered through the Transfer Pathways Program.  This partnership program provides opportunities for students completing their associate’s degrees to transfer seamlessly to Stockton. Benefits and advantages include:

  • Opportunity to compete for one of five one-year scholarships of $2,000 per year to Brookdale graduates transferring under the agreement
  • Application fees and deposit to Stockton are waived for eligible students
  • Brookdale students have access to campus activities and student groups at Stockton
  • Advising from both institutions

To sign up fill out the 2 & 2 Program Application and Academic Record Release and return it to Transfer Resources/Articulation on Brookdale’s Lincroft Campus – MAC107.  Go to the Stockton University Transfer Pathways website and create an account.  It’s that simple!

Interested in Stockton — contact Enrico DeRooy, Assistant Director, Admissions for Transfer Students; phone 609-626-3159 or