Starting on Tuesday, October 29, on behalf of the Data Standards and Information Security Committee, OIT will implement a new 15-minute automatic screen lock policy for all Brookdale staff and faculty office computers.  Classroom instruction and lab computers will not be impacted by this policy.

In keeping with educational and industry security standards, the new policy will automatically lock the computer screen of any unattended employee office computer after 15 minutes of inactivity.  To unlock the computer, you will need to simply re-enter your password. This straightforward cybersecurity measure helps prevent others from viewing or using your device, accessing the digital information on your computer, or gaining access to your accounts when you’re not around.

If you experience any issues that you believe are related to this Screen Lock Policy, please contact the OIT Helpdesk by phone or email and give us the details of the trouble you are having. OIT is available, always here to help, and can be contacted in by phone, email, or any of the channels mentioned below.  You can also follow this Brookdale website link for detailed contact information:  OIT Help Desk