Best Practices Team

“Too many colleges treat faculty as a cost, rather than an asset. Professional development is often reduced to travel or webinars, and then cut when things get tight, which they nearly always do. Conferences can be great; I’ve certainly learned a lot at them. But they’re expensive, and we have nowhere near the money to send everyone to them. . . . We have people with some terrific ideas right here. That’s especially true when it comes to teaching, as opposed to current developments within particular disciplines. So we’re trying something new . . .”
— Dr. Matt Reed

Brookdale has long held a reputation for innovation and excellence in teaching. The Teaching Possibilities group was formed by Dr. Matt Reed in 2016 to provide support for adjunct and full time teaching and teachers, to share their teaching expertise and effective teaching strategies.

A new faculty group has convened for 2017 and our projects this year include:

Non-Evaluative Peer Classroom Observations
Provide confidential peer-to-peer class observations upon request of the observed. These observations are voluntary and confidential with the goal of providing formative feedback. The focus of the observation will be determined by the individual being observed.

Open Educational Resources
Our project group is collaborating with Library faculty on the development of an OER course for faculty as well as researching free or low cost Open Educational Resources (OERs).

Online classes
Work with the Innovation Center to research (and test, when possible) the most effective ways to reduce achievement gaps in online classes.

Non-Evaluative Peer Classroom Observations

Code of Ethics
Observations are initiated when requested by an instructor.
Observations are completely confidential.
Discussion of the observation will be limited to the observer and the instructor.

Best Practices Team

Juliette Goulet, Chair, Environmental Science •   •   732-224-2250
Sara Barnett Burrill, Psychology  •   •   732-224-2846
Deborah DeBlasio, Languages/ESL   •   •   732-224-2762
Meg Natter, English   •   •   732-224-1972
George Reklaitis, History   •   •   732-224-2940