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Computer Basics


CyberSAFE (Securing Assets for the End-User) training helps you identify and protect yourself from common risks associated with using computers, smart phones, and wireless networks. You will become more aware of social engineering designed attacks, malware, and other ways your devices can be compromised by bad actors. Potential threats include:

  • Viruses, Keyloggers, Ransomware, and Spyware
  • Phishing, Whaling, Baiting, Shoulder Surfing, and Pharming
  • Trojan Horse, Browser Hijackers, Rogue Access Point and Evil Twin

Students will learn a set of guiding principles to help protect their business and home devices from becoming compromised. CyberSAFE is offered as a three part course spread over four 2 hour sessions. In the last class, students will have the option to take a CyberSAFE proficiency exam to demonstrate completion of this training to current or potential future employers.

Tues & Thurs, May 21-May 30, 10 am – noon
Fee and Code: $99, XCOMG 051

Getting Comfortable With Your Computer

This easy-paced course is for the novice user, especially seniors with limited or no prior knowledge of the PC. Become familiar with hardware, software and technology. Learn some Windows and easy ways to work with files, folders and objects. Workbook included. 9 hours.

Sat, Feb 2-16, 9 am-noon, Long Branch
Fee and Code: $175, XCOMG 039

Excel 2016 Level 1

Discover how to create and develop worksheets and workbooks in order to work with and analyze data. Topics include calculations modifying and formatting a worksheet and managing workbooks. Workbook included. 9 Hours.
Prerequisites: Knowledge of Windows and Word

Sat, Mar 30-Apr 13, 9 am-noon, Long Branch
Fee and Code: $175, XCOMO 290

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