Website Development


Web Development and Design Certificate

Learn the fundamentals needed to design and develop websites. Get a well-rounded balance of coding skills (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) and website promotion strategies (Web Design, e-commerce, search engine optimization) to develop an effective website. Hands-on exercises take students through the design, development and coding process. Real world web site case studies are used to reinforce the lessons and emphasize the importance of solid web design, accessibility, and ethics. Video demonstrations enhance the learning experience. 12 SESSIONS. Workbook included.
Prerequisites: Knowledge of Windows, Word and the Internet.

Tues & Thurs, Sept 25-Nov 1, 6:30-9:30 pm
Fee and Code: $559, XCOMT 026

NEW! Creating WordPress Websites

Learn how to create attractive, sophisticated blogs and websites—without any coding! WordPress is the world’s most popular website publisher, powering more than 25% of all sites on the Internet. WordPress is an easy-to-use solution that will help you put your site on the Web in far less time than by coding, and at a much lower cost than hiring a professional.

Fee: $115. Register at