Nonprofit Management


Introduction To Grant Writing: Transforming Vision Into Reality

Mary Eileen Fouratt, program associate, New Jersey State Council on the Arts

Do you have a great idea but no money for providing a meaningful service for a specific group of people, the environment, the arts or another worthwhile cause? Then turn a great idea into a reality with funds from the government, private foundations, or corporations. Discover which sources to approach and how to do it. Learn the basics of writing the various components of the grant proposal, finding and targeting potential grant sources, understanding the psychology of dealing with funders, and avoiding pitfalls. 2 SESSIONS

Mon & Wed, Nov 12 &14, 6-9 pm 
Fee and Code: $129, XNONP 002

Nonprofit Management Certificate

Learn, network, and exchange ideas in an interactive environment. The Nonprofit Management Certificate program offers a variety of courses taught by a broad range of leading practitioners. In addition to presenting a solid basis of knowledge of the role of nonprofits and how they operate, the courses cover the most productive strategies for meeting challenges specific to the nonprofit arena. Explore the dynamics of two major types of nonprofits: charitable and philanthropic 501(c)3 agencies, and trade professional 501(c)6 associations, and their differences and similarities.

To acquire a certificate: Have your instructor sign an Attendance Verification form after each course. It is your responsibility to collect and keep the signed forms in a safe place. (Lost Attendance Verifications and/or certificates will be replaced for a fee of $25.)  Complete all six courses listed below.  It is recommended to take Fundamentals of Nonprofit Management as the first course.

Who should attend: Staff, volunteers, board members, executive directors, program directors, committee chairpersons, and those interested in these positions.

The continual theme of the program is creating a healthy, vibrant organization by utilizing the talents of staff and volunteers. Attaining the Nonprofit Management Certificate requires completion of the following six courses in any order:


Financial Management For Nonprofits

Robert C. Fouratt, CPA, managing partner, The Curchin Group, LLC

Gain a solid understanding of financial reports, budget preparation, IRS reporting, and what impacts a nonprofit’s financial viability. 3 SESSIONS.

Wed, Oct 31-Nov 14, 6:30-9 pm
Fee and Code: $154, XNONP 026


Fundamentals Of Nonprofit Management

Pat Bohse, president, Bohse & Associates, Inc.; executive director, Social Community Activities Network (SCAN)

Gain a solid foundation of what it takes to create and maintain a healthy nonprofit organization. 3 SESSIONS.

Wed, Sep 5-19, 6:30-9 pm
Fee and Code: $154, XNONP 017


Strategic Planning For Nonprofits

Margean Gladysz, owner and principal consultant, MAG NET II

Gain a clear understanding of the unique strategic planning process in the nonprofit organization, including how it guides direction, structure, and operations. 3 SESSIONS.

Wed, Oct 3-17, 6:30-9 pm
Fee and Code: $154, XNONP 024


Fund Raising And Marketing For Nonprofits

Jennifer E. Loysen, Loysen Consulting

Review and explore the basic principles of fundraising and marketing for nonprofits. 3 SESSIONS.

Wed, Nov 28-Dec 12, 6:30-9 pm
Fee and Code: $154, XNONP 021


Recruiting, Retaining And Managing Volunteers

Margean Gladysz, owner and principal consultant, MAG NET II
Uncover the essential skills to grow and manage a thriving volunteer program. 3 SESSIONS.

Wed, Jan 9-23, 2019, 6:30-9 pm
Fee and Code: $154, XNONP 023


Board Development For Nonprofits

Mary Eileen Fouratt, program associate, New Jersey State Council on the Arts

Examine the role of the nonprofit board of directors. Explore individual members’ responsibilities, requirements, and duties; the best way to recruit members; and how to conduct an effective orientation program. 3 SESSIONS.

Wed, Feb 6-20, 2019, 6:30-9 pm
Fee and Code: $154, XNONP 025

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