Frequently Asked Student Questions about Online Courses

1. What day and time do I have to be online? How do online courses work?

Students in online courses need not be online on any particular day or at any particular time, but the course is not self-paced. Instead, students will work to deadlines indicated by the instructor, and complete the assigned work and interact in discussion forums within those time frames.

2. Does the course require in-person testing?

This is at the discretion of the instructor. Students should email the listed instructor to see if proctored testing is required.

3. What is the tuition for online courses?

Students pay in-county tuition for online courses no matter where they live. Students pay regular tuition and fees, plus a $25.00 per course distance education fee to support the 24/7 Help Desk.

4. When will I be able to access my online course?

Courses open on the first day of the term unless an instructor chooses to open the course early. Students should make sure to check their Brookdale email before the start of the term for information from their instructors.

5. Is orientation mandatory?

Attendance at orientation is strongly recommended for all online students, particularly first-time, online students. Faculty will expect students to know how to navigate in Canvas, and show that they understand what it takes to be a successful online student. Orientations are offered in-person, virtually, and a recording is available on the web site:

6. Are there tutorials available online?

All students currently enrolled in a fully online course are also enrolled in a Canvas course, Intro to Online Courses, where they have access to Canvas tutorials and Brookdale-specific information to help them be successful. If a student doesn’t see the course on their dashboard, they should click Courses on the left–hand navigation.

7. I registered for an online course but I don’t see it in Canvas.

Generally, active courses will appear on a student’s dashboard once they’ve logged on to Canvas. If an expected course is not visible, students should click Courses on the left-hand navigation; then click All Courses. This will bring up the entire list of courses to which students have access. If the course is not appearing, this may be a registration issue.

8. I can see my course but I can’t see my content.

This sounds like a browser issue. Canvas supports Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Students should not use Internet Explorer (IE) or Edge, only the recommended browsers. And the version should be the latest that is available: