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Our mission is to help students achieve their dreams of earning a college degree and thereby build a better future for themselves, their families, and our communities.


Higher education transforms individuals, families, and communities now and for generations to come. It is a springboard to success and a proven pathway to economic growth.

The cost of a Brookdale education is only a third of that of a public four-year college and a fifth of that of a private four-year college. Even so, finances are still an issue for many of our students. Brookdale students juggle full-time and part-time jobs, family responsibilities, and college coursework simultaneously. Many times, personal obligations take precedence over their education, forcing our students to put their dreams of a degree to the side to focus on other needs. The Brookdale Foundation provides financial support for these students so they can pursue their goals of higher education and create a path of success.

The funds we raise are made possible by the generous support of alumni, faculty, administration, individuals, companies, and organizations who value and recognize the vital role that Brookdale Community College plays in educating people of all backgrounds, abilities, and ages. We welcome your support and invite you to become part of the Brookdale Foundation’s mission

For more information about the Brookdale Foundation, contact Nancy Kaari, Vice President of Advancement, nkaari@brookdalecc.edu, phone:  732-224-2887, Margaret Agha, Confidential Assistant to the Vice President of Advancement, at magha@brookdalecc.edu, phone: 732-224-2260, or Rebecca Hartman, Associate Director of Development at rhartman@brookdalecc.edu, phone: 732-224-2526.

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