Brookdale, the County College of Monmouth, is a dynamic community college system committed to student success, lifelong learning, economic development and the common good of society. Brookdale plays a transformative role in our community, providing educational, cultural and professional programs and offerings to enable, empower and inspire all community members to fulfill their aspirations to the best of their ability.


Brookdale Community College empowers a diverse community by providing open access to high-quality and cost-effective educational and lifelong learning options with clear paths to personal, educational, and economic success.


The following values guide the Brookdale community in the fulfillment of our Mission; each being of equal weight and importance:

  1. Educational excellence through engagement, assessment and innovation
  2. Economic empowerment through access, opportunity, and entrepreneurial partnerships
  3. Institutional integrity through academic freedom, stewardship and accountability
  4. Diversity through inclusivity, human equity and individual perspective