Honors Program

Dear Prospective Students,

Given the current public health crisis, we are unable to host an Honors Information Session at this time.  We plan to host an in-person Honors Info Session as soon as it is safe to do so.  Since that won’t be possible anytime soon, we strongly encourage you to view everything our website has to offer you, including our new brochure, testimonials, transfer agreements, benefits, universities to which our students have transferred, and more.  Our hope is that you will find Honors at Brookdale to be a great springboard to wherever you desire to transfer and continue your educational goals.

Our application requirements and priority due date remain the same.  We still accept applications after April 15 on a first come, first served basis.  I will periodically go to campus to check if applications are in my mailbox.  So, please mail your complete packet ASAP.

Thank you for considering Honors at Brookdale.  I wish you and your loved ones all the best in these unprecedented times.


Professor Moschberger

Honors Program Application Deadline For Fall Admission: April 15, 2020

Questions? Email Prof. Fencik

If you have any reservations about attending Brookdale, our Honors Program will change your mind!  This unique program provides an enriched academic experience for a select cohort of highly motivated students. Through a curriculum that emphasizes global awareness, cultural experiences, and local engagement, Brookdale Honors students are challenged to connect their studies to the world beyond the campus.

By fostering collaborative learning and intellectual inquiry, Honors at Brookdale prepares students for transfer to competitive four-year colleges and universities, as well as for citizenship in our 21st-Century world.

View the Honors Program brochure


Applying to the Honors Program?

View/download the current Honors Program application. 

Please apply early, as Honors at Brookdale is very competitive.  

Jonathan Moschberger
Professor, Political Science

Assistant Coordinator:
Cheryl Fencik
Assistant Professor, Biology