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Honors Program at Brookdale

If you have any reservations about attending Brookdale, our Honors Program will change your mind!  This unique program provides an enriched academic experience for a select cohort of highly motivated students. Through a curriculum that emphasizes global awareness, cultural experiences, and local engagement, Brookdale Honors students are challenged to connect their studies to the world beyond the campus.

By fostering collaborative learning and intellectual inquiry, Honors at Brookdale prepares students for transfer to competitive four-year colleges and universities, as well as for citizenship in our 21st-Century world.

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Professor Jonathan Moschberger
Professor, Political Science

Veronique Manfredini
Honor, Global Citizenship, Brookdale to Columbia
Victoria Cattelona
Honors, PTK, Graduate Trustee
Hanna Walker
Political Science, Brookdale To Rutgers, PTK NSLS, Honors