The Innovation & Learning Resources Institute has three primary functions.

First, through the Institute’s Teaching & Learning Center, a trained staff provides faculty an opportunity to learn and experiment with new and emerging teaching technology with the goal of better engaging students through an enhanced classroom experience.

Second, it is the home of the Bankier Library. Students have access to the Information Commons, where students have access to online courses and software for course assignments. The Help Center is staffed with Librarians who assist with research and staff who answer FAQs and tech questions. The Library features Group Study Rooms for collaborative work and study carrels for quiet study. And, the Learning Commons serves as a resource to help improve student success.

Third, the Institute is responsible for administering Brookdale’s Online Courses. Brookdale offers seven degrees completely online, as well as a host of other classes.

The Dean of the Innovation and Learning Resources Institute is William Burns, 732-224-2426,

The Director of the Bankier Library is Steve Chudnick, 732-224-2482,

The Director of the Teaching & Learning Center (TLC), is Jonathan Shaloum, 732-224-2578,  The TLC is also in charge of online courses.