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Board of Trustees


The Board is comprised of twelve Monmouth County citizens who volunteer in four-year terms. The Board of Trustees, responsible to the people of Monmouth County and sensitive to their hopes, ambitions, and needs, has the legislative responsibility of formulating broad public policy for community college education in Monmouth County. As the policy-making body of the College, the Board shall be charged with the oversight and control of the College.The Board exercises this leadership in the operation of the College mainly by creating and adopting written policies.

The Board’s responsibilities include:

  • Establish and review the mission of the College
  • Establish broad policies for the governance of the College
  • Select the President of the College
  • Appoint, on the recommendation of the President, other administrative officers and all academic personnel
  • Hire auditors, legal representatives, and other professionals as needed, and determine their compensation
  • Approve the annual budget and any following revisions
  • Make sure the College has the necessary buildings and facilities to carry out its mission
  • Make recommendations to ensure the proper financial management of the College
  • Act at the final arbiter of any action brought by students, faculty, or staff on matters of policy
  • Listen to any comments from Monmouth County citizens
  • Maintain continuous oversight of the College

The Strategic Priorities include:

  • Community Needs
  • Student Success
  • Financial Stability
  • Facilities Planning
  • College Image Enhancement

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