Welcome to the Writing Center

Mission Statement

An integral part of both the English Department and the academic support system of Brookdale Community College, the Writing Center promotes the college mission of access and opportunity by creating a learner-centered environment where students and other members of the community receive individualized guidance and instruction to help them become more effective writers.

The Writing Center offers academic support to any Brookdale student enrolled in any Brookdale course that requires writing. It is staffed by professional writing tutors, many of whom teach English classes.

The Writing Center helps with essays and research papers from every academic discipline, including English, psychology, nursing, history, business, computer science, and more. Writing tutors also provide assistance with resumes and college admissions essays.

In addition to the main tutoring room, the Writing Center houses a computer lab where students may work on their writing and print up to two copies of English papers without charge. They may also print any paper needed for a Writing Center appointment free of charge. (Other types of printing are prohibited.)

Writing Center users, are as diverse as Brookdale’s population. They include the returning adult, the international student, and the recent high school graduate. Writing tutors meet with students who have basic skills, advanced skills, and everything in between.

Students can meet with a writing tutor in a one-hour face-to-face appointment or a one-hour on-line appointment. You may schedule appointments online.

Students without appointments may attempt to drop-in on a first-come, first-served basis and are not guaranteed. Students with scheduled appointments must arrive on time, as appointments are forfeited after fifteen minutes. Students may use the computer lab without an appointment.