Educational Opportunity Fund Program

Preparing our students for college completion, transfer to four-year colleges, workforce entry, and responsible citizenship.

Our EOF website is designed to serve as a student success portal, placing emphasis on establishing the site as a communications hub and educational resource for students, both future and current, and for parents and educators. Special features include touch points which promote use of the site for admissions, enrollment, program participation, and assessment of program services.

In addition, the site folds in an assortment of Brookdale webpages to promote ease of access to valuable information and additional resources integral to student success, while also allowing students to access external websites that can assist them with managing their college experience. Website questions or comments can be directed to either Richard Morales-Wright at

EOF Program Main Office Location

Lincroft Campus, CAR Building, First Floor, Suite 105 – Telephone 732-224-2510, Fax 732-224-1969

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EOF: Our State’s Premier College Access and Student Support Service Program

The Educational Opportunity Fund, commonly referred to as EOF, is a state-funded college access and student support service program, hosted and financially supported by New Jersey’s colleges and universities, both public and private, two-year and four-year. All program students are low-income and often the first in their families to attend college and referred to as first generation.

Students admitted to the EOF program must meet both academic and financial eligibility requirements. Their admission is based on evidence of promise and potential to succeed at the college level with the support of the partnership established by the EOF program and the college it resides at.

Over 12,000 students are enrolled in EOF programs across the state and its graduates are educators, business owners, health care professionals, public officials, social service providers, and more. They work in non-profits, educational, business, and our government sectors.

Since 1968, over 40,000 college graduates have earned their certificates, associate, bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and professional degrees with the support of the Educational Opportunity Fund.

The Brookdale EOF Advantage

Program Admission, Financial Support & Student Success Services

Students selected for admission to our program are highly motivated, goal-oriented, and committed to full-time study as they pursue their educational and career-related goals. The completion of our application process is required for pursuing admission. Financial support covering college costs combined with our student success services and the academic and student life programs available at the college serve as the building blocks for a bright and successful future!

Our students are encouraged to work hard in working towards their goals – and this includes making a commitment to active participation in program services, striving to excel in the classroom, and devoting time where possible to exercising social responsibility as active and involved citizens.

Fall 2017 Term News & Announcements

Submit Our 2017-2018 School Year Enrollment Activation Form

-Request the posting of an EOF grant to your financial aid package
-Let us know what kind of assistance that is important to your success we can provide you
-Request we contact you to schedule an appointment with your EOF counselor

EOF Counselor Update

Our EOF counselors are in our main office in CAR, Suite 105, Lincroft campus.

Counselor schedules- Drop-In- No Appointments Needed
September 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13
Students may be seen by appointment after September 13.

All First-Year students MUST schedule and attend a Check-Up Appointment by October 20. School year goals/priorities and review of FOCUS2 results are potential meeting topics.

Appointments may be made by calling 732-224-2510.

EOF Counselor Contact Information
Torina Armstrong, 732-224-2559
Fidel Wilson, 732-224-2558

Participants in the 2017 EOF College Preparatory Summer Institute

All students should be receiving an Enrollment Status Update providing their grade (P for Passing, INC for Incomplete, NC for No Credit).

Students who have been assigned a grade of INC for their assigned summer bridge program must make up all required work by September 6. A change of grade, from INC to Pass, is posted if all missing work is submitted by this date. Students assigned a grade of NC have failed to meet our summer bridge participation requirements and their conditional admission is cancelled. Students with an NC grade may schedule a transitional meeting with Mrs. Watts to address any matters impacting fall college enrollment plans and to review future EOF program entry opportunities.

Call Mrs. Candice Watts if you have any questions on your enrollment status; she may be reached at 732-224-2529 or by email at

Fall 2017 School Bills, Class Schedules, & EOF Assistance with Financial Aid Processing

Since August 3 the EOF program has safeguarded Fall 2017 class schedules. and no classes will be dropped due to an unpaid tuition and fee balance. However, as of September 6, this protection is withdrawn and classes can be dropped for lack of payment. Need help with getting your financial aid in place? Call Mrs. Candice Watts at 732-224-2529. She and/or our Associates, Ms. Clark and/or Ms. Cutlip, will look into your situation and determine what may be done to assist you.

Important Dates

September 1 – First Wave of Posting of EOF Grants to Aid Packages – Students MUST be Full-Time & Grant Eligible

September 7 – First day of Fall 15-Week Term Classes

Services and Activities in the Works

This year a special effort is being made to expand student programming in both existing and new areas. Here is a general representation; this programming is being finalized by EOF staff. Stay tuned!!

Fall & Spring Student Success Conferences
Brown Bag College Hour Lunchtime Workshop Series
Work-Readiness Seminar Series
Leadership and Service Certificate Program
Transfer Preparedness Seminar Series
Learning Strategy and Development Workshops

Financial Aid Processing- 2017-2018

We can assist with financial aid processing. Call Mrs. Watts at 732-224-2529 and either she will work with you or enlist the assistance of our Student Service Associates, Ms. Clark, or Ms. Cultip.

Please be aware of the following deadline dates.

FAFSA Filing

Fall & Spring Terms- All EOF Students – September 15, 2017
Spring Term Only – All EOF Students February 15, 2018

Incomplete Applications/Corrections/Task Completion
Fall Term, Returning Students – September 15, 2017 and Fall Term New Students, November 1, 2017
Spring Term, Returning Students – November 1, 2017 and Spring Term New Students, March 1, 2018