Students hoping to earn a bachelor’s degree in Monmouth County have more options and fewer limitations than ever before.

Brookdale has partnered with Georgian Court and Rutgers University to offer degree programs, dual admissions, and other benefits to Brookdale graduates and local students.

The Brookdale-Georgian Court University Partnership is located at Brookdale’s main Lincroft Campus, and offers bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration, English, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Psychology, plus a teacher certification program.  RN to BSN, BSW-Social Work and MBA programs have also been recently added. GCU offers their Bachelor’s degrees at a discounted rate. Please CLICK HERE for more information about this partnership and the specific degree program options.

The Brookdale-Rutgers University Partnership is located on Brookdale’s main Lincroft Campus LAH 201!  In its 20th year, this growing partnership continues to offer a wide range of undergraduate degree classes and degree programs; Rutgers currently offers seven bachelor’s degree programs through the partnership. Please CLICK HERE for more information about this partnership and the specific degree options.

Both partnerships offer university-level courses taught by university faculty at a convenient location. Students receive a Bachelor’s Degree (and may even be able to continue their study into a Master’s Degree program) from the partner institution, and can utilize many of the services and support offered to traditional university students. Many degree programs also offer dual admissions, 3+1 program options, streamlined transfer agreements and other benefits to Brookdale graduates.

These partnerships  are part of an ongoing college-wide initiative to increase opportunities and streamline the educational experience for students. In addition to these University Partnerships, Brookdale has transfer agreements with over 45 colleges/universities across the state, the country, and even internationally! Please check out the Transfer Resources page for more information!

For further information contact us at 732-224-2409 or email

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