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Automotive Technology

The Auto program at Brookdale offers three A.A.S degree programs along with a GMASEP option. Come get hands-on practical training in our 12-bay lab from highly qualified faculty.

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The A.S. in Biology program provides a challenging but nurturing environment that prepares students for transfer to baccalaureate programs while offering a diversity of courses in the biological sciences.

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The Chemistry program provides educational experience in chemical theory and practice that engages students, gives them hands-on experimentation, and helps them to appreciate the role that science plays in our world.

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Computer Science

Brookdale’s Computer Science faculty bring their real-world industry expertise to the classroom and lab to help you learn about telecommunications, software engineering, website development and much more!

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Data Science

Data Scientists play a key role in acquiring, maintaining, analyzing, and communicating data to support data-informed decisions.

Quantum computing concept. Abstract glowing electronic circuit.

Electronics Technology

Our Electronic courses range from study of basic DC and AC circuits, semiconductor devices to computer repair, network installation, and associated troubleshooting.

At the Factory: Female Mechanical Engineer Designs 3D Engine on Her Personal Computer while Male Automation Engineer Uses Laptop for Programming Robotic Arm.


Engineering is an exciting profession that integrates science and mathematics with design and laboratory study. Come learn more about exciting options in this career!

Aerial view of wind turbines and agriculture field

Environmental Science

The Environmental Science program facilitates deeper student exploration of complex interrelationships among contemporary environmental, social, and economic problems and the solutions to overcome them.

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At Brookdale, we are here to help you study mathematics for a math-based career or for foundational studies and succeed in your educational goals.

Cyber Technology Security Protection Monitoring Concept, Advanced Cloud Data Security System, Futuristic Technology Background, 3d Rendering

Network Technology & Cybersecurity

Learn the essential skills of network technology.  Design, install, configure, maintain, optimize, and troubleshoot networks using a variety of network operating systems, vendor tools and hardware platforms and protocols.

Newton's Cradle


Physics explains nature of universe through observing how particles of matter interact in space and time, from the smallest quantum particle to entire galaxies.

Also of Interest:

Cyber Technology Security Protection Monitoring Concept, Advanced Cloud Data Security System, Futuristic Technology Background, 3d Rendering

Brookdale Cyber Center

GUI (Graphical User Interface) concept.

WEST-Women in Science, Engineering and Technology

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Brookdale STEM Internships by New Jersey Space Grant Consortium

A NASA – Sponsored Program


Dr. James Crowder, Dean, STEM Institute

Mary Rose Boutote, Institute Administrator

April Brinson, Senior Office Assistant

Melissa Doran, Senior Office Assistant

Department Chairs in STEM

Ivan Anderson, Department Chair of Automotive Technology

Cheryl Fencik, Department Co-Chair of Biology

Gitanjali Kundu, Department Co-Chair of Biology

Tom Riley, Department Chair of Chemistry

Michael Qaissaunee, Department Chair of Engineering and Technology
Juliette Goulet, Department Chair of Environmental Sciences
Rebecca Rozario, Department Chair of Mathematics
Nancy Liu, Department Chair of Physics