Upcoming Exhibitions

Vocabularies of Line

January 23 – February 7

“The unfinished, process work and experimental design projects presented in this exhibit (from Figure Drawing II with Amy Farris, and Interior Design studios with Celeste Chirichello) invite you in to the intimate space of making that artists and designers work in. Where, together, we can seek a vocabulary of creating that may help us rethink how we draw our own lines, every day, in a more creative, productive way.”

Media as Medium: Pushing and Pulling Digital Space

February 16 – March 2 (Opening on February 16 corresponds with Civility Week program in the CVA Gallery.)

Media as Medium: Pushing and Pulling Digital Space is based on the conversations and ideas generated in the Fall 2022 Civility Week workshop, Media as Medium. We are curious to see if digital medias that have created dystopian conditions can be creatively engaged by us, together, to imagine social possibilities that we want our future generations to inherit.

Amanda Thackray, Visiting Artist Workshop and Exhibition*

March 10 – April 28

Amanda Thackray is a multidisciplinary ecofeminist artist and educator, based in Newark, NJ, whose practice sits at the intersection of craft, sculpture, and environmentally-based social practice. Thackray is the recipient of an artist-in-residence at the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) in NYC, the NJ State Council on the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship in 2022, and the Arctic Circle in Svalbard, Norway Artists’ residencies. Her work is in over a dozen public collections including The Metropolitan Museum of Art Watson Library in NYC; Mediatheque Andre Malraux, France; Yale University and The Library of Congress.

If you were unable to join us for Belonging, our major Fall exhibit, you will still have opportunities to engage with the show in the coming months. We are completing an interactive 360 VR walkthrough of the exhibit produced with the TLC; and Brookdale TV is finalizing a recording of the Artist Talk. Both will be permanently posted on the CVA Gallery page upon completion. For those interested in Artificial Intelligence in art the Artist Talk video includes artist and Anthropology Professor emeritus and artist Louise Krasniewicz and our Brookdale students passionately discuss her AI based artwork, Meteor Shower, which was prominently displayed in the exhibit. Krasniewicz describes her process as: “Using the AI (Artificial Intelligence) program DALL·E, I generate images based on my knowledge of women artists and their styles… and they are a starting point for a new mixed media project. My images are printed on canvas and then machine or
hand embroidered, bringing the “artificial” and technical aspect of the images back to traditional women’s work. The text prompt for these images was, “A surrealist painting of five old women from the back in an Ana Mendieta style mud sculpture with a meteor shower up above.” We are excited to continue to be a space for similarly important and relevant conversations in the upcoming semester- we invite all
members of the college and community to be a part of them.

*The CVA Gallery’s Visiting Artist program is supported by generous donations from individuals and institutions. Please consider supporting this work by specifying the “Visiting Artist Program” fund in a donation through Brookdale’s Foundation. Additional information is available by emailing (magha@brookdalecc.edu), calling (732-224-2260) or visiting the Brookdale Foundation page on the
Brookdale Community College website.

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