Welcome to the Facilities / Maintenance Department

Our Mission Statement: The Facilities office is dedicated to maintaining buildings and grounds throughout all Brookdale locations. We are committed to providing excellent service to community, staff, and students.

Michael Naparlo, Director, Facilities Operations
Phone:  732-224-2395  mnaparlo@brookdalecc.edu

Shaun McTigue, Manager, Physical Plant & Utilities
Phone: 732-224-2850  smctigue@brookdalecc.edu

Michelle Branagan, Confidential Administrator Facilities Operations & Capital Projects
Phone: 732-224-2080  mbranagan@brookdalecc.edu

Vivian DeLosSantos, Administrative Assistant, Facilities
Phone: 732-224-2226  vdelossantos@brookdalecc.edu

Facilities Emergencies (non-Police related)

(Unsafe campus conditions, extreme temperature, lack of electrical power or lighting, spills or smells, major bathroom malfunctions, flooding, major roof leaks, etc.)

On campus, please call Ext. 2299, all hours.

At the regional locations or from off-campus, please call 732-224-2299.

All Facilities Non-Emergencies

(Trash and recycling removal, signage, light bulb replacement, approved key requests, approved special event set ups, general maintenance)

Approved Requestors, please use  www.myschoolbuilding.com

If you have a question or a problem, please call Vivian DeLosSantos at 732-224-2299.