Student and Employee Support at Brookdale

International & Immigrant Students

Please look here for information on how Brookdale can assist you, as well as links to national and regional information and resources.

logo for Brookdale's Safe Haven initiative

Safe Haven Initiative

In response to the current political and societal climate, Brookdale is beginning this new program to address our students’ concerns over issues of discrimination and bias.

Helping Hands logo

Helping Hands

1 in 4 of our students may not have enough to eat each day – find out how you can help! Look here for Helping Hands locations, where to drop off donations, and more.

Personal & Psychological Counseling

Brookdale’s counselors can help you with relationship problems, substance use issues, family difficulties, and personal crises.

LBGTQ Ally Program

Embracing diversity, teaching awareness & sensitivity, and providing support & resources to all Brookdalians.

Displaced Homemakers

Displaced Homemakers Program

Are you facing loss of income due to divorce, death, separation from or disability of a spouse or long-term live-in partner, and need to become head of household?

Stay Safe: The Campus SaVE Act

Knowledge is the first step toward prevention. Take a firm stand against sexual violence, abuse, and discrimination.

Our College values call us to support the members of our community in a spirit of inclusion and safety, regardless of age, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or country of origin.  All are welcome at Brookdale Community College, and our commitment to student success applies to each student equally. Intolerance is not permitted at our College, and we will continue providing opportunities for employees and students to engage in open and inclusive dialogue.  We also will strive to provide both students and employees accurate information regarding emerging concerns. Any students or employees who need to talk to someone at the College should feel free to contact one of the offices below.

Office of the President:

Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Compliance:

College Police and Security: