Priority Registration for Enrolled Students

Please monitor your Brookdale email for your Priority Pass and assigned registration date and time. You can register on or after the date and time assigned to you.

Pay special attention to the information about our new Student Planning tool that is available to you.

If you are a currently registered student and have completed one semester, you will receive a priority registration pass in your Brookdale student email account. The Priority Registration days are reserved for you to ensure you have the opportunity to register for the courses you need to complete your degree program. On your Priority Pass is a time and a date: you may register at that time and date or any date after that.

We urge you to take advantage of this special time since courses fill up quickly and the lines become lengthy later in the registration period. (Provisional students will not receive a priority registration pass.)


Open Registration for New Students

All other students may register on or after the first day of open registration listed in the current term’s Important Date information.

Students with credits from other institutions, or who have relevant field experience, may be required to provide transcripts or meet with Brookdale faculty to determine eligibility to take particular courses.

If you need to speak with a Success Coach please call 732-224-2555 to schedule a virtual appointment.

For additional information on important college dates, please see the Important Term Dates page.