Performing Arts Center

Images from our past shows

The Performing Arts Center at Brookdale is committed to producing and presenting performances by students and by local, regional and national artists to bring quality and educational art to the student body and the community. In partnership with the Theater Department, the Music Department, and the Dance Department, we offer a professional environment in which students and community can experience the inner workings of the performing arts.

Our productions are selected to challenge our students and give them the opportunity to take what they are learning in their classes and put it to the test in front of an audience. We believe that the process of mounting a production is one of the best ways to train future theater artists. Under the supervision of faculty and staff, our students get practical experience in all aspects of this artistic process. It is through this demanding process that students take responsibility for what they have learned, integrate that learning and turn it into art.

You, the audience, are an important part of our student’s learning and engage in a true partnership with our teachers, staff, students, and the community. We extend our heartfelt thanks for your partnership, support, and enthusiasm.

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