blue and red butterfly with a trail of dots from wing to wing. The Wings and trail form a person's face.UndocuALLY-BCC is a committee of administrators, faculty, staff, and students dedicated to the success and support of DACA and undocumented students at Brookdale. Modeled after a variety of sister programs and organizations across US higher education institutions, UndocuALLY-BCC began as an Honor’s symposium project in 2015 by Brookdale graduate, Nervin Ramirez. Mr. Ramirez’s advocacy led to the establishment of an ad hoc committee passed through Governance in 2015. UndocuALLY-BCC has kept to its founding objectives, namely, to provide resources and pertinent information for students as well as staff and faculty at Brookdale. We welcome any and all members of the campus community to join us in our efforts.

For more information on UndocuALLY-BCC, please feel free to contact us: undocually@brookdalecc.edu or

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