Board of Trustees Members

Board Members

Dr. Maureen Murphy, President and Secretary to the Board

Dr. Carl J. Guzzo, Jr.
Carl J. Guzzo Jr., Esq., joined the Board in 2012. Dr. Guzzo chairs the Audit Committee and serves on the Policy and Education Committee. Dr. Guzzo is sole practitioner at his own law firm.

Ms. Tracey Abby-White
Tracey Abby-White was appointed to the Board in February 2013. She co-chairs the Policy and Education Committee and is a member of the Executive and Governance Committees. Ms. Abby-White is a leader on the Global Enablement team at a large, multinational technology and consulting company.

Ms. Lora U. Campbell
Lora U. Campbell, Esq., was appointed to the Board by the state in 2011. Ms. Campbell serves on the Policy and Education Committee. Ms. Campbell is Senior House Counsel at a large insurance company.

Dr. Henry Cram
Dr. Henry Cram, a former teacher, college instructor and school superintendent, is current president of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools’ (MSA) Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools.

Mr. Paul Crupi
Paul Crupi, a lifelong Monmouth County Resident, serves as legislative liaison for the New Jersey Department of Education.

Mr. William G. Dalton
William G. Dalton, a retired executive, joined the Board in November 2013. Mr. Dalton serves on the Audit Committee.

Mr. Joseph M. DiBella, Vice Chair
Joseph DiBella chairs the Finance and Facilities Committee, is a member of the Executive Committee, and is also on the Board of School Estimate Team. Mr. DiBella was appointed to the Board in November 2013. He is a managing director at a leading insurance, risk management and employee benefits brokerage and consulting firm.

Mr. Francis Bret Kaufman
Engineer, construction professional and decorated Army veteran Francis Bret Kaufman was sworn in as a member of the Brookdale Community College Board of Trustees on Nov. 20, 2015.

Ms. Marta Rambaud

Dr. Lester W. Richens has served for many years as a school administrator, and 28 as a supervisor. He is currently the Executive County Superintendent of Schools.

Mr. Gary S. Tolchin
Gary S. Tolchin was appointed to the Board by the Governor in April 2013; he serves on the Finance and Facilities Committee and is Liaison to the Brookdale Community College Foundation. Mr. Tolchin is an entrepreneur and investor who has worked in the business and financial industries for more than 35 years.

Kevin Przystawski, Graduate Trustee 2016-2017

Labor and General Counsel: Mr. Matthew Giacobbe
Special Assistant to the Board of Trustees: Cynthia Gruskos