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Brookdale Governance

Governance is a forum for the entire college to discuss and/or resolve campus issues. We want your opinions on all issues, such as smoking, food in the classroom, parking, grade appeal process, and class scheduling.

To participate, simply attend the Forum meetings! You’re also encouraged to join Governance committees, where you can be involved in discussions and suggestions for growth and management.

Advantages of participating in Brookdale Governance:

If you are interested in learning more about Governance, please contact Helen Heinmets.

Governance Standing Committees

Steering Committee  (1 student)
The Steering Committee is the organizational and management body of the governance system and the College Forum. This committee routes any issue that is raised to the appropriate individual or committee for consideration. Steering also develops the agenda for Forum meetings and monitors committee membership.

Academic Council (2 students) | Co-chairs Barbara Barrella and Hanli Huang
Oversight of the establishment and discontinuance of all courses and programs and other matters related to curricula. Assures adherence to College policies on academic matters and reviews any actions that affect curricula.

Academic Standards Committee (2 students) | Co-chairs Amy Gingold and Thomas Vorbach
Reviews academic standards pertaining to programs and services offered by the College. Recommends revisions of existing policies, regulations, procedures and practices which impact upon the achievement and maintenance of College standards in the academic purview and suggests new ones. (Grading, class scheduling, course repetition, etc.)

College Life Committee (4 students) | Co-chairs Joanne Boyd and Nicole Jackson.
Considers and recommends policies concerning the overall quality of life of the Brookdale community. Relevant matters include the campus environment, non-academic services, facilities use and management, and relations between the College and the community. (Parking, smoking, food in the classroom, etc.)

Diversity Council | Chair  Christian Perez
The Diversity Council is charged with reviewing and recommending College policies and practices concerning diversity. The Committee will advise the College community on strategies for maintaining an environment that is open, diverse, and inclusive, both intellectually and organizationally. In addition, the Committee will plan and implement activities and programs to assist the College in achieving its commitment to diversity in the classroom, the workplace, and the entire College environment.

Institutional Planning and Effectiveness Committee (1 student) | Co-chairs Marcia Finn and Claire Smuga
Develops, monitors and evaluates the College’s strategic planning and assessment processes. Provides a set of institutional strategies and objectives that align with each other, address the appropriate external factors and drives the College’s budget. Develops, monitors and assesses the major indicators of institutional effectiveness.

Professional Development Committee | Co-chairs Martin McDermott and Susan Pagano
The Professional Development Committee is charged with developing and evaluating the policies of the faculty, support staff, and administrative professional development committees for full-time and part-time employees of the College. The Committee coordinates with Human Resources to provide college wide orientation and training programs for all employees.

Student Development Committee (4 students) | Co-chairs Judith Ungar and Gitanjali Kundu
Addresses the needs and concerns of students outside the classroom by recommending policies to enhance student success, growth and development. May include extra-curricular activities, student behavior, and other issues that effect students’ development. (College communications with students, the new student experience, etc.)

Governance Permanent Committees

These committees have ties to one or more standing committees and have college-wide membership, but are not charged by the Steering Committee.

The Foundational Studies Committee | Chair Jennifer Salvo

The General Education Committee | Chair Thomas Riley

Oversees the list of general education courses.  Specifically, the committee determines which new courses will be suitable for use as General Education credits, reviews program plans and catalog listings to insure compliance with external and internal General Education policies, and conducts hearings to arbitrate disputes over the General Education status of courses and proper format of programs.

General Education Assessment Committee | Co-Chairs Sabrina Matheus, Rebecca Rosario

The Gen Ed Assessment Committee will recommend a framework for cross-curricular Gen Ed Outcomes assessment at the institutional level.
The Gen Ed Assessment Committee will develop and facilitate a sustainable, interdisciplinary assessment process.

Brookdale values communication and inclusion.

Through collegial governance and the provision of a Student Life and Activities Board, all members of the Brookdale community have a role of influence in the College`s future. Through ongoing dialogue and discussion with all constituencies of the College, both internal and external, Brookdale seeks to clearly represent all that it does and seeks to achieve.