Brian Sandy was named one of the seven Brookdale graduates who will receive the Outstanding Student Award at commencement ceremonies on May 16. The awards recognize student academic excellence, community service, and personal accomplishments.

Sandy plans to work in a hospital setting. He previously earned his B.S. in Biology from Monmouth University and expects to be involved in respiratory care issues at the state and national level. He also looks forward to teaching in the field one day.

“Being a respiratory care student has brought my self-confidence to a whole new level,” said Sandy. “I am no longer afraid of challenges or obstacles, embrace challenges and learn from my successes and failures.”

Sandy credits patients at the clinical sites and Carol Schedel for his developments and growth.

“Carol Schedel saw something in me the first week at Brookdale and has allowed me to grow academically, mentally and spiritually,” said Sandy. “I will always be grateful to her for introducing me to the world of respiratory care.”

He added that he was surprised and humbled when notified that he was one of the Outstanding Student Award recipients. Sandy said he and his fellow students in the respiratory care program were a constant source of support and inspiration.


“Anything worthwhile requires hard work and endurance. It is possible if you surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Do not be afraid to ask for help and admit that you do not know everything. Brookdale programs are filled with professors who want to see students thrive. I am fortunate to have had professors who took the extra time to stay for help and were genuinely concerned for my success. Also live by the 3 Ds: discipline, dedication and determination.”

-Brian Sandy

“The Outstanding Student Award Winners excelled academically and helped to make the Brookdale campus even more vibrant and engaging through their leadership and involvement in student clubs, organizations and activities. Their positive impact and community service extended beyond Brookdale, and I know that we’ll see more great accomplishments from them in the coming years.”

-President David Stout

Photo caption:

Brian Sandy looks forward to a new career in the respiratory field.