Undecided Students

Are you Undecided about your Major?

Students who are undecided about their major can select the Humanities, Liberal Arts – Undecided degree program. Included among the career studies courses in this major is the CSSC-105 College Success Seminar course that aids students in exploring these interests and formulating a career plan. Students in this program will also take foundational or general education courses that overlap between many of Brookdale’s degrees.

Support for Major Selection

After completing 30 credits, students in the Undecided option will be asked to switch from Undecided to another major of their choice (which could be the Humanities, Liberal Arts degree program). The CSSC-105 course can prepare students to make this decision. Brookdale also offers advising, academic counseling, and career counseling support to assist Undecided students in finding their path.

Whether previously Undecided or not, students who select the Humanities, Liberal Arts program, will find there is flexibility in course selection enabling students to select courses that meet requirements of their desired transfer institution and/or explore personal interests. The Liberal Arts degree program is intentionally designed for the student who is planning to transfer to a four-year institution and for the student who desires two years of broad collegiate education.

Contacts for Undecided Students

Academic Advising & Counseling

Sabrina Mathues
Department Chair, College Success