College Success

The College Success Department is dedicated to preparing students for a successful academic experience by offering courses that:

Courses Offered

CSSC-105 College Success Seminar is a 3 credit course intended for students who are considering their academic and pathways. It is particularly recommended for first-year students who are undecided about their major or who are further in their education but are considering transfer pathways that differ from their studies at Brookdale. This course is designed to promote academic self-efficacy among first-year college students through the identification and applied use of academic tools, skills, and strategies; application of critical thinking and information literacy skills; and the honing of academic and career plans. Students will participate in research, discussion, and reflection on a common theme, learn to adopt and present an evidence-based stance, and preview careers in practice.

HUDV-107 First Year Experience Seminar is a 1 credit introductory course designed for students in their first semester or who are transitioning from high school to college. In this course, students learn to identify and practice a variety of skills and behaviors that can foster success in college and work. Students will explore their personal values and academic goals through individual projects, class exercises, and group interaction. This course is highly recommended for all first-time, full-time students in all programs.


By design, College Success courses are somewhat specific to each college or university. In most cases, students who take these courses will be exempt from taking similar courses at transfer institutions. With completion of an AA/AS degree, these courses may transfer to public institutions in New Jersey as part of the associate degree. Students who transfer without an AA/AS degree may receive elective credit at the transfer institution. Students should check NJ Transfer website for additional information about the transferability of coursework (


College Success Faculty

Sabrina Mathues
Department Chair, College Success