Brookdale hosted lunch for a group of directors and principals from 15 elite high schools in Beijing, China earlier this month. The Chinese government has committed a significant amount of resources to reform K-12 education in China. This initiative includes sending teams of educators to the United States to learn about curriculum, pedagogical philosophies and student-centered approaches to teaching.

The delegation began its U.S. visit with some professional development training at Stanford University. On May 3, the group visited High Tech and Bio Tech High schools. Brookdale hosted the delegation for conversation and lunch between the two high school visits.

Brookdale’s President David Stout, Dr. Bill Burns, Dr. Anoop Ahluwalia, Dr. Janice Thomas and Marian Smith met with the group. The Brookdale team spoke about the role of community colleges in higher education, including transfers to four-year institutions, continuing education and vocational training. The delegation also learned about Brookdale’s STEM programs.

Terry Lau, deputy mayor of Marlboro, NJ, asked Brookdale to host the delegation. Jonathan Chu and Fong Lian with Jomi International, Inc. coordinated the New Jersey visits.