LINCROFT, NJ (Feb. 18, 2016) – Brookdale Community College and Rutgers University officials have approved a new four-year degree program in business administration that will be offered exclusively through Brookdale’s Freehold campus beginning this fall.

Students who complete the program will earn an Associate of Science degree in business administration from Brookdale and a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration from Rutgers.

The program also features enhanced student support and degree planning services, including a “guided pathway” for all four academic years and streamlined transfer to Rutgers for students who meet all requirements. All classes are offered through Brookdale’s Freehold campus, with upper-level courses taught by Rutgers faculty. The program, offered as part of the Brookdale-Rutgers Partnership, will welcome its first class this fall.

Officials from both institutions signed a resolution announcing the new degree program during the Brookdale Board of Trustees meeting in Lincroft on Feb. 16.

“We are excited about this partnership,” said Shino John, associate vice president for strategic growth at Rutgers. “Together we have nearly 300 years of higher education experience, and we can use that to experience to do something truly transformative for every student who comes through these doors.”

According to Brookdale President Maureen Murphy, the enhanced student support offered through the new program reflects a growing commitment by both schools to expand opportunities for local students.

“Now our students in Freehold can finish their bachelor’s degrees by simply walking to the other side of the building, with absolutely no confusion about what courses they need to take next,” said Murphy. “We are really excited. Brookdale and Rutgers have had a really good relationship for a long time, and I feel that we are now taking our relationship to the next level.”

The Brookdale-Rutgers Partnership, established in Freehold in 1998, offers streamlined degree programs for nearly one dozen academic majors, including criminal justice, public health and journalism. More than 350 students are currently enrolled.

To learn more about the Brookdale-Rutgers Partnership call 732-625-7012 or visit