Each year, Brookdale Community College students who are committed to engaging in global learning are awarded by the GCP (Global Citizenship Project) for their accomplishments. 

Brookdale employees nominate students who have completed an outstanding global assignment within the last academic year. Clubs, faculty, and community members who uphold the ideals of global citizenship are also eligible for the GCP award. 

For the 2019-2020 school year, BCC students Felicia Russell, Zachary Chin, Sydney Rose Attanasio, and Abbey King were recognized in the spring as GCP award recipients. Each awardee summarized their learning and research in a video uploaded to their personal youtube channels. 

Felicia Russell, who was nominated by professor Kelsey Maki, received special recognition for her original historical play about the House of Romanov, titled “And At the Hour,” which she wrote, directed, and produced. 

“The great thing about theater is you can make something even one hundred years ago relevant to today,” Russell said in her submission. “I think historical pieces are always great because you can always learn from the past… history repeats itself.”

GCP award recipient Zachary Chin was honored for his research and writing on renewable energy and the politics surrounding it, summarized in a video titled “Observations on the State of Renewable Energy.”

“Our climate’s condition is drastically declining and the human race is running out of time to capitalize on its many opportunities to slow down or reverse the effects of its harmful contributions,” Chin said in his winning video. “Sustainability must be our goal as a nation going forward, and renewable energy is one of the most promising means by which to achieve that end. We must set aside the politics of today on the topic of our climate.”

Graphic design student Abbey King was nominated by Professor Maber for her video titled “Art Around the World,” where she discussed the importance of art history and its global impact, starting from early civilizations. 

“To see the developmental changes of languages, facial expressions, clothing, religion, and even architecture from the stone ages to the early renaissance is incredibly eye-opening,” King said in her submission.“Without art history, we tend to erase the originality of all the natural products of the earth that were used to create such magnificent statues and buildings.” 

Awardee Sydney Rose Attanasio, who was nominated by Professor Zampogna-Krug, discussed female infanticide and its effect in India and China for her global assignment.

“The difference between these two cultures is that in India, female infanticide and sexism towards women is deeply ingrained in their culture and is largely based on a great desire for money, whereas, in China, these issues are largely inflated by the government’s past attempts at population control,” Attanasio said in her video titled “Female Infanticide”.

GPC award recipient Hailey Grillo was recognized for her project titled “The Fashion Industry,” where she presented her research on the industry’s impact on the global environment, and what she believes can be done to decrease the effects.

“I believe the environment should be on our minds in every choice we make, including what we purchase and where it comes from,” Grillo said in her winning piece. “We have the ability to combat and speak out against the global issue the fashion industry has imposed.”

Assistant Professor of English and International Education Center Faculty Liaison Kelsey Maki commended the 2020 award recipients for their commitment to global coursework and engagement amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“This year’s GCP awardees have proven themselves to be an inspiration to their peers and to their teachers,” Professor Maki said. “They’ve shown us that learning and engagement are possible even during challenging times.”

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