Global Citizenship Awards

The 2018 GCP Awards Ceremony is April 25th (Wed.) at 7 pm in SLC.

All are welcome to attend!

If you’ve been to the Global Citizenship Project’s awards ceremony, you know that this event is truly special for students and for their families. Since 2011, GCP has been honoring some of the best and brightest at Brookdale. Here are the program guides from previous ceremonies:

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

For BCC employeesHave your students shown a commitment to broadening their minds by considering global issues? If so, why not honor them with a GCP Award? The ceremony (to which Brookdale community members and their families are invited) is a testament to the transformative power of education.

Nominations for the current academic year are accepted any time before the end of March. To honor your student, please email Kelsey Maki ( In your email, please include

  1. The student’s information (name, email, BCC ID)
  2. The title of the talk (required) and course code (if applicable)
  3. A short description (a few sentences) about the student’s work and why it’s worthy of an award