If you’ve been to the GCP Awards ceremony, you know that this event is truly special. Since 2011, GCP has been honoring some of the most engaged and thoughtful people at Brookdale. At the ceremony, which is open to the public, Brookdale students and community members offer insight on their learning and involvement. For student awardees, a GCP Award can serve as a stepping stone toward a more successful and meaningful future. Matt Grogan, honored in 2018, stated that the ceremony “was a memorable evening that I now recall when deciding where I want to be in the future . . . In a recent [job] interview, I was asked about the award, and, after describing [my research on] South Sudan . . . the interviewers noticeably perked up. I know it helped my interview” (Grogan). English Professor Elana Maloney stated, “The GCP Awards was one of the highlights of my academic year!”

Program Guides from Previous Ceremonies

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

For BCC employees: Have your students shown a commitment to broadening their minds by carefully considering global issues in their coursework? Would you like to recognize someone in the Brookdale community who displays the ethos of global citizenship via service work? If so, please honor these deserving individuals with a GCP Award.

Nominations for the current academic year are accepted any time before the end of March. Employees may nominate two students and one community member or group per year. To honor a student, community member, or club/organization, please email Ashley Zampogna-Krug (azamoognakrug@brookdalecc.edu). In your email, please include

  1. The awardee’s information (name, email, phone number)
  2. The title of his/her/their work or role, and the class or club/organization
  3. A short description (a few sentences) about the awardee’s work and why it’s worthy of an award