Students can take advantage of the free STEM peer tutoring program to gain assistance with their studies across disciplines. The spring tutoring sessions began in early February and continue through the end of the semester.

Two NASA STEM fellows, Robert Mennella and Zyanya Flores, and peer tutor, Anastasia Dudzinski, are available in the STEM Lounge, MAS 107. In addition, Townie Weeks, environmental science professor, is available for help with environmental science, oceanography, and physical geology.  No prior appointment is required. Each tutor is available for three hours per week at no charge.

View the tutoring schedule at

Students seeking assistance can click on the individual names in the calendar to view each tutor’s subject matter. Since its inception 2015, the STEM program has been a valuable peer-to-peer resource for students.

At the initial kick-off meeting on February 5, students had the opportunity to meet with the four tutors and faculty members. For additional information on the STEM tutoring program, contact Dr. Gitanjali Kundu at