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Certainement pas pour des raisons caloriques et encore moins idologiques ou conomiques. Non, ce qui m c l C la surpche, la consommation d ncessaire l l en gnral et la mauvaise qualit de ce qui est facilement accessible.
Mais je ne connais pasnormment de bonnes recettes de lgumineuses, faciles, faire et qui plaisent aux enfants. Entre la soupe aux lentilles, lehoumous etle chili,mon rpertoire estlimit.
Et mme si je ne dteste pas le tofu s est bien prpar, je trouve que les drivs du soja, de faon gnrale,sombrent rapidement et facilement dans le registre non seulement de l mais carrment du dprimant. D mon penchant, priori, pour les lgumineuses.
Appel tous, donc, pour des recettesvgtariennesprotines, aussi dlicieuses qu je vous prviens, je suis difficile.
Maissi vous me renversez, peut trepublierai je dans lejournal en papier la recette la plus allume.
Vow ! Je vous remercie pour toutes ces suggestions!Je ne peux pas dire que je vous suis partout puisque monide du plat idal de lentilles est la version cuite dans le gras de canard. Et pour lesflageolets,c la version le cassoulet Mais je promets que je vais quand mme essayer quelquesrecettes qui me semblent d simplicit. Je crois aussi, devantle dilemme fraisou conserve,que je vais carrment aller chercher des haricotsfrais au march et les faire congeler. Autre question: j mang en Italie une pure de haricots fraiscrass avec de l de l vous dit quelque chose ? Quelqu a la recette ?
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Dimanche a pris fin leSymposium international d contemporain de Baie Saint Paul, un vnement annuel qui permet plus d vingtaine d d prendre l deCharlevoix pendant un mois.
Cette anne, parmi les invits, il y avait , cet artiste montralaisquis retrouv dansles manchettes il y a trois ans. Son crime (dont il a finalement t absout) : fairedes peintures au pochoir dans la rue, au grand dam desautorits municipales.
Cet t, les policiers deBaie Saint Paul l laiss tranquille et on peut leconstaterun peu partout dansla bourgade:des lignes blanches sur le pav qui deviennent des rallonges lectriques, des passages de pitons transforms en bucoliques cltures derrire lesquelles nous regardent quelques vaches, des lignes dlimitant des espaces de parking transformesen fioritures architecturales faisant cho au stylelocal des mes prfrs, tout simple: le coup de la ligne blanche en Y transforme en fermeture clair.In 1998, Saul Perlmutter, Brian Schmidt and Adam Riess presented findings that overturned the conventional idea that the expansion was slowing 13.7 billion years after the big bang.Perlmutter, 52, of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of California, Berkeley, will receive half the $1.5 million prize. The other half will go to Schmidt, 44, at the Australian National University in Weston Creek, Australia, and Riess, 41, an astronomy professor at Johns Hopkins University and Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore.Working in two teams, with Perlmutter heading one, they had raced to measure the universe’s expansion by analyzing light from dozens of exploding stars called supernovas. They found the light was weaker than expected, signaling that the expansion of the universe was accelerating.It was “one of the truly great discoveries in the history of science, and one whose implications are not fully understood,” said Paul Steinhardt, a physics professor at Princeton University.One consequence of the finding is that in a trillion years, galaxies will be spread apart from each other by more than the current size of the universe, he said. And the ever greater expansion rate means cheap jerseys the light from one galaxy will no longer be visible from another as it is today, he said.”It’s like changing from New York City to suddenly where everyone is spread out across some huge desert and there’s nothing around to view,” Steinhardt said.The rapid expansion also implies that the universe will get increasingly colder as matter spreads across ever vaster distances in space, said Lars Bergstrom, secretary of the Nobel physics committee.The committee, citing the Robert Frost poem that pondered the world ending in fire or ice, suggested that “if the expansion will continue to speed up, the universe will end in ice.”But Robert Kirshner, a Harvard astronomer who was part of the team that included his former students Schmidt and Riess, said scientists don’t know enough about dark energy to predict what will happen to the universe hundreds of billions of years from now.One possibility is that the expansion will continue to accelerate, he said, “sort of like compound interest gone mad.” It could even speed up so much that not only will galaxies fly apart from each other, but “stuff will really rip apart,” even planets and atoms, he said. That’s called the “big rip,” “and I hope that’s not our fate.”On the other hand, Kirshner said, the expansion could halt and go into reverse, so the universe collapses back into itself, a fate sometimes called the “big crunch.”With such uncertainty, he said, “it seems very important to learn more about what the dark energy is.”Schmidt said he was just sitting down to have dinner with his family in Canberra, Australia, when the phone call came from the academy.”I was somewhat suspicious when the Swedish voice came on,” Schmidt said. “My knees sort of went weak and I had to walk around and sort my senses out.”Riess said his “jaw dropped” when wholesale jerseys he got an early morning call at his home in Baltimore from a bunch of Swedish men and realized “it wasn’t Ikea,” the Swedish furniture retailer. “I’m dazed,” he said.Perlmutter said his team made the discovery in steps, analyzing the data and assuming it was wrong.”And after months, you finally believe it,” he said. “It’s not quite a surprise anymore. I tell people it’s the longest ‘Aha!’ experience that you’ve ever had.”Fred Dylla, executive director of the American Institute of Physics, said the discovery confirmed an idea from Albert Einstein called the cosmological constant. Einstein included this in his general theory of relativity, a cornerstone of modern physics.The Nobel Prizes were established in the will of Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel and have been awarded since 1901. The prizes are presented to the winners every year on Dec. 10, the anniversary of Nobel’s death in 1896.You don have to be scared yet. You have a few more days until you really need to worried. if you can and we will do the same with Harris Co. Then I give you permission to be scared. Good luck to whoever makes it to the dome. Tucker, Ware, NSWR, and Gainesville are all good teams. It will be interesting to see who wins that side but it won make a difference to me one way or the other. You don have to be scared yet. You have a few more days until you really need to worried. if you can and we will do the same with Harris Co. Then I give you permission to be scared. Good luck to whoever makes it to the dome. Tucker, Ware, NSWR, and Gainesville are all good teams. It will be interesting to see who wins that side but it won make a difference to me one way or the other.
Wed, 20 Nov 2013 23:19:13 +0000Ware County Creekside alike will be eliminated if not this week, definitely next week.