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What is Global Citizenship Distinction?

Global Citizenship Distinction (GCD) at Brookdale is an academic enrichment program open to all degree seeking students at Brookdale Community College regardless of major or GPA. The GCD Initiative is a recognition program for students who engage in globally focused curricular and co-curricular activities as they pursue a degree. The purpose of the Initiative is to provide a framework to prepare students for both academic and professional endeavors in a global context while encouraging them to become global citizens.

Students enrolled in the GCD Initiative will complete a variety of globally focused courses (minimum of 12 credits) and participate in a variety of curricular and co-curricular events and experiences that will broaden the students’ exposure to diverse cultures, global issues and intellectual debate. Students who have participated in and successfully achieved the requirements will be recognized for their exceptional efforts at graduation with Global Citizenship Distinction. More information about courses that meet both degree requirements and global distinction requirements can be found on Global Distinction Requirements page.

Global Citizenship Distinction shows that students have successfully integrated global education into their academic pursuits while simultaneously engaging in globally focused co-curricular activities, allowing for a rich and long-lasting learning experience. Through GCD, student participants will gain greater awareness of global issues and cultural diversity, making them a valuable asset to colleges and employers. GCD strives to empower an increasing number of students with global perspectives and intercultural competencies.

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Students who complete the Initiative requirements will be recognized at graduation with honor cords, a Global Citizenship Distinction pin and a certificate of completion.


Benefits of the Global Citizenship Distinction Initiative

Students participating in the Global Citizenship Distinction will gain greater understanding of diverse cultures and global issues. GCD will help students enhance their intercultural competencies; identify the importance of diversity, civic engagement, and social responsibility; and enrich students’ problem-solving skills by awakening a global perspective through GCD’s curricular and co-curricular activities. Most significantly, students will communicate what they have learned to colleges and potential employers via the completion of an e-portfolio. Participants in GCD will act as global citizens, engage in global activities, and encourage fellow students to join them in their pursuit of a larger world perspective.

A Student’s Perspective

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

The three main learning outcomes of GCD are global awareness, global perspective, and global engagement.

1. Global Awareness:

a. Greater awareness of personal cultural norms and how they shape views and perspectives;

b. Deeper knowledge of the interconnectedness of local, global, international, and intercultural issues, trends, and systems;

2. Global Perspective:

a. Greater cultural literacy;

b. Enhanced problem solving skills by integrating a global perspective;

c. Increased ability to integrate the importance of diversity, civic engagement, and social responsibility in a global framework;

d. Deeper multi-perspective analysis of local, global, international, and intercultural problems;

3.  Global Engagement:

a. Increased cross-cultural interaction;

b. Deepened desire to posit solutions to global and local problems;;

c. Increased willingness to engage in local, global, international, and intercultural activities; and

d. Heightened ability to work effectively in diverse environments

Various parts of the Global Citizenship Initiative address these goals. Coursework focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary for intercultural competency and integration of a global perspective into problem solving. Study abroad or domestic immersion activities address the goals of greater competency in working with people with diverse backgrounds and greater awareness of personal perspectives. Internships and study abroad and other elements of the Global Citizenship Initiative serve to prepare students for successful interaction in the dynamic and interconnected world.

Global Citizenship Initiative Registration

Students must complete a registration form to notify the Global Citizenship Initiative of their intent to complete the requirements and work toward achieving “Distinction”. Registration is completed on-line. Once a student registers, he/she will be notified of an orientation workshop and will meet with a Global Citizenship Initiative Coordinator to discuss program requirements and opportunities to fulfill requirements. Registered participants become a member of a Global Citizenship Initiative cohort.

Global Citizenship Initiative Participants

The Global Citizenship Initiative is open to all degree seeking students, regardless of GPA. Each year, students will join a cohort of students who will fulfill requirements for Global Citizenship Distinction. Upon program completion, “Global Citizenship Distinction”  participants will receive special recognition at graduation with blue and green “Global Citizenship Distinction” cords/ pin and a certificate of completion. Participant e-portfolios and letters of recommendation from faculty may further assist students with transfer applications. Additionally, students can submit the details of the program to potential employers to demonstrate achievement of the skills employers demand.

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For any additional questions contact the Program Coordinator, Dr. Raj Wesley at nwesley@brookdalecc.edu.