Tuition-Free Brookdale Community College

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The Community College Opportunity Grant Program (CCOG) is now available to Brookdale students for the 2019 – 2020 academic year. Click Here For Program Information & Financial Aid Forms!

The Tuition-Free Brookdale CCOG Program provides awards that pay the cost of tuition and other approved educational fees not already covered by other financial aid. If you are a resident of Monmouth County making $65,000 or under you could be eligible. Enroll now for the Fall and Spring Terms and complete an online FAFSA or the NJ Alternate Financial Aid Application form to apply for the Brookdale CCOG tuition-free grant program. For more information call (732) 224-2020.

Enroll For Fall 2020 Term

  • Learn more about enrolling for the Fall 2020 Term by calling (732) 224-2020 or visit our Admissions Webpage.
  • You can also complete the Inquiry Form (check the application/enrollment information option) located on this page.

Need Help? FAFSA Financial Aid Form 

  • Brookdale Staff will help you complete the online Financial Aid (FAFSA) or the NJ Alternative Financial Aid Form via ZOOM virtual online meeting.
  • Call (732) 224-2020 or you can complete the Inquiry Form (check the financial aid assistance option) located on this page.

Tuition-Free Brookdale Community College

  • Learn more about the Tuition-Free Brookdale Community College program and eligibility.
  • Complete the Inquiry Form (check the CCOG Scholarship Program Information option). One of our CCOG Navigators will contact you!