Thirteen students presented their honors projects at the 2019 Honors Symposium on May 3.

Cheryl Fencik, assistant coordinator of the Brookdale Honors program and assistant professor in the biology department, told the students how proud she was of them.

She echoed that sentiment in addressing the family and friends of the presenters and members of the Brookdale community in the audience.

“I’m sure that once you hear about all of their accomplishments and see their presentations, you also will be proud,” said Fencik.

Brookdale President David Stout addressing the crowd.

Brookdale President David Stout told the students that “you have helped to make Brookdale a better place.”

“In addition to making your family proud of all your accomplishments, you have been and remain great ambassadors for Brookdale Community College,” said President Stout.

The presentations covered a variety of topics, ranging from an argument for wind power to a history of the Jonestown massacre to support for robotic automation.

Presentations included:

Photo captions:

  1. Cheryl Fencik, assistant coordinator of the Brookdale Honors program, with the students who presented at the 2019 Honors Symposium.
  2. Brookdale President David Stout welcomes the audience to the 2019 Honors Symposium.
  3. Honors students Christine Shea, Julianna Colonna, Brianna Quezada, and Ryan Gunthner with Cheryl Fencik, assistant coordinator of the Honors at Brookale program.